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For Sale 3 bedroom Villa Cherngtalay Phuket Villa For Sale

  • ฿ 18,000,000








Swimming Pool


Living Area

227 Sqm

Property ID

1413 C

Property Description

Tucked away in a quiet residential area, amid the embrace of the nature, in the western part of Phuket Island. Not very far from the region's renowned Laguna Phuket Resort Destination, the development is set well apart from mainstream tourism on Phuket's west coast. However, it is close enough to amenities and facilities the island has to offer.

3 Bedroom pool villas

We offer an affordable luxury home for executives or families, which have a total of 7 lake front pool villas. Our properties focus on privacy, security and simplicity, and are situated within close proximity of a host essential amenities. We use the highest quality, while providing the greatest value: making it easy for you to be successful in building your new home.

Our European standard open-plan lake view villas incorporate a contemporary oriental design style and each features a private pool, Jacuzzi, garden and ''Thai Sala'' relaxation area, all adding to your comfortable tropical island life.

The Villa will be offering a full management and rental services, ensuring home owners and visitors consistently receive high standards of service.

- 5 minutes to Laguna Phuket
- 5 minutes to Layan Beach
- 10 minutes to Surin Beach
- 15 minutes International school
- 15 minutes to Phuket International Airport
- 20 minutes to Phuket town

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