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For Sale 2 bedroom Apartment/Condo Laguna Phuket Apartment/Condo For Sale

  • ฿ 11,500,000








Swimming Pool


Living Area

140 Sqm

Property ID

1656 C

Property Description

This Laguna Phuket duplex unit is available for Sales.

A two bedroom, three storey duplex apartment with a terrace on the rooftop located in the centre of Laguna Phuket with wonderful lagoon and pool views. Close to shops, restaurants and entertainment.

Jump on a shuttle busbe taken to any of the six hotels and resorts, including the Laguna Phuket Golf Course located at the Banyan Tree Resort.

As a resident you have access to many abundant facilities, such as fantastic restaurants, bars, boutique shopping and a Laguna golf membership.

Unspoiled beaches with white sand, like Bang Tao Beach, the magic white sand strip of Layan Beach only a short distance away; or a short ride to the lively Surin Beach is much more than only relaxing.

Situated near the north end of Bang Tao Beach Phuket.
Laguna Village with the Allamanda residences are conveniently located about thirty minutes from Phuket International Airport and the Island and main shopping centers. Phuket has excellent international schools, hospitals and cosmopolitan restaurants, bars, boutiques and services.

The Island is also the gateway to some of the most spectacular areas to visit in Thailand, such as Krabi, Phang Nga and the Phi Phi Islands are all within a few hours journey time.

For some further leisure activities there is horseback riding along the beach or elephant riding. This is the perfect location for families with young children, with such a wide array of activities and kid's clubs to keep them entertained all day.

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