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For Sale 4 bedroom Villa Laguna Phuket

฿ 35,000,000

4 4 400 Sqm

Villa For Sale

For Sale 4 bedroom Villa Layan Phuket

฿ 18,000,000

4 4 250 Sqm

Villa For Rent
Vacation Rentals

For Rent 3 bedroom Villa Layan Phuket

฿ 19,754 Per Day

3 5 250 Sqm

Villa For Sale

For Sale 3 bedroom Villa Nai Harn Phuket

Nai Harn
฿ 13,900,000

3 4 266 Sqm

Villa For Sale

For Sale 5 bedroom Villa Layan Phuket

฿ 54,000,000

5 4 580 Sqm




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Choose from an array of property options including Villas, Apartments/Condos, Town homes and Penthouses.

Long-Term Rentals

Looking for somewhere to stay from a minimum of 6-12 months or more? We have all options available. Especially near our International Schools.


Restaurants, bungalows, JV's, Hotels... we have a myriad of options. Contact us with your requirements as many are not listed for public display.

Vacation Rentals

For the best holiday stay options, no matter what time of year, we can provide the very best prices for your requirements

Featured Properties

When something special comes up for investment or of interest, we will let you know all about it.


Choose from any size of land on or outside of Phuket. Build your own perfect villa or development, large or small.


The Blog

13 Oct 2018

How do you make a luxury villa achieve its full potential?

The short answer is to use specialists who are experienced in their respective fields.

For marketing & distribution of the villa, the boutique firm, Luxury Villas of Asia, led by Ian Macaulay, was chosen to launch and position the villa...

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